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Playing in Keys: The Headache Is Worth It.

It's summer time (so they say). The piano goes more out of tune than at any other time of the year. I could do a quick unison tuning and that might help but I've been taking to putting in my ear inserts to tone down the sound in this small room I have with my lovely little 'Steigerman' grand piano. For some reason that helps to bear the out-of-phasing of the unison-piano-strings.  It would be nice to have it in tune because I've convinced myself that I need to play even complex songs in twelve keys. I've been using some precious time to do this. I'm finding it helps in many areas: It gives me a better understanding of the harmony because the new keys are harder to figure out without this understanding. It definitely helps with hearing intervals, especially leaps. It creates a better understanding of all keys. It helps to play in keys that don't always get played in and breaks the tactile memory and makes the player work harder to overc